Experience, cost effectiveness, and competence mark Arc Metal Group and its component shops, bringing designers and architects the skills they need to serve their discerning clients.

Jordan Glaser, President, once a machinist himself, brings over thirty years of business acumen to this consortium of metal shops. Jordan and his staff are dedicated to forging ideas into metal with perfection in mind.

"I love Brooklyn," Jordan smiles. "I was born here. I love the architecture, the diversity, the buzz of this part of the City. New York attracts skilled craftspeople from around the world. Our shop employs workers from the United States, Eastern Europe, Italy, and Latin America, all bringing their skills and ingenuity to their jobs. Arc Metal Group is part of Brooklyn’s renaissance, serving the creative design community that has relocated here and throughout the Metropolitan area."

For more information, e-mail:
Jordan Glaser: jordan@arcmetalgroup.com